If your dining room was a restaurant, would your residents eat there?

When I visit residential aged care facilities, it doesn’t take long to get the feel for a place, as I have mentioned before here and here.  The same is true in the dining room – it is often reflective of the organisational culture.  Interestingly, dining rooms can have their own sub-culture and differ between dining rooms even within the same facility. Our starting point when reviewing a […]

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Assisting with oral care – one of the least liked tasks

Yesterday my friend rang me asking if I knew of any subsidised dental service her father could access.  He had difficulty eating his meals and didn’t want people seeing his condition so was feeling isolated. He could not afford to pay for private dental treatment and feared he would lose his independence. Coincidentally, this month’s The Lantern Project meeting was focussed on oral health and the implications […]

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Is your meal service digitally prepared for the millennials workforce?

A weekend visit to the Digital Futures Lab at the State Library of Queensland reminded me that in 3 years time – 2020 – 50% of the global workforce will be millennials. This will rise to 75% by 2025. Technology dominates every aspect of millennials lives. They will want EaaA (Everything as an App) and to have their smartphone at hand every minute of their working day as […]

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Staff culture aged care dining fish rots from head

Is your dining experience reflected in your staff culture?

There is a saying The fish rots from the head.  Board and leaders set the tone within the company.  Does your dining experience reflect your real culture?   I recently caught up with a colleague who had just installed some kitchen equipment in a residential aged care facility and trained the staff.  He reflected “If they were my staff, I would sack ’em”.  I knew those staff […]

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Chasm functional stakeholders waste constraints

Creating a great dining experience starts with your strategy

Change to the meal service is too often reactive. A dining experience strategy that begins with the end in mind better meets stakeholders needs and keeps residents and their family happy.   With aged care and health constantly under the spotlight, is meeting compliance good enough?   Newspapers and social media trumpet increasing instances where there is public outcry, even though “the perpetrators” have complied with “the […]

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Soft eggs in aged care

50 Shades of Eggs

I love soft cooked eggs! When The Lantern Project recently decided to look at the issue of soft cooked eggs in aged care residential facilities, I wanted to be a part of the team.  Soft eggs is a topic that exasperates staff, traumatises managers and frustrates residents.  There are many layers of people between the hen and the resident who can support or thwart efforts, as this […]

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Benchmark cost of food aged care nursing homes

Could driving down your food budget to meet benchmark cost you more?

According to a national benchmarking company, the average food cost for their benchmarked residential aged care facilities was $6.08 per resident per DAY.    The impact of striving to reach an external  food cost benchmark could  be very risky for managers, chefs and dietitians struggling to produce a nutritious, varied, appealing menu.  It must meet regulatory standards, satisfy residents and an increasingly judgemental family (and a 30-year […]

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aged care meals effect EBITDA and occupancy

Why aged care providers need to be strategic and courageous to prosper

This week I went to the annual Stewart Brown benchmark briefing to hear about their latest survey results of residential aged care and community aged care providers. Why should you benchmark? Understand industry trends you may not be keeping up with Compare your performance with actual data of others Discover what’s driving best practice Make informed strategic decisions The future The big message that came through repeatedly?  […]

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Sippee cup not part of the dining experience in aged care

Do I look like I need a sippee cup?

This is how my meal came to me recently while sharing a meal in a nursing home. While the meal was dished up nicely, I received the items still on the tray and the soup and drink in a sippee cup. In this dining room, all meals are trayed, whether residents are in the dining room or not. They therefore receive their complete meal at once. The […]

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Change management aged care affects meal service

Recalcitrant staff? This could be why

While in Sydney last week, it was recommended I visit Tradies to experience customer service.  After coincidentally driving past their big sign on the fence earlier in the day, I was told no, Tradies is not a tool shop, but a Club (the Trade Union Service Cub). The minute I walked through the door I was warmly greeted by the Customer Service Manager. I told her I […]

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