Are you Looking “Outside-In” to Improve Customer Service in the Dining Room?

We are increasingly seeing successful aged care leaders taking an outside-in approach to their meal services. Operating from the perspective of solving problems and delivering value for their residents rather than merely focussing on meeting regulatory requirements and compliance. An outside-in method  to customer service requires a 2 step approach: Build an awareness and understanding of the problems and constraints of your customers. This goes beyond regular […]

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What went wrong?

Risk and Reward Recent adverse media coverage over a leaked internal memo requesting staff return leftover food to the main kitchen to determine if it can be reused is a good example of how a meal service can go horribly wrong. Managing risk may avert such situations but a focus on quality delivers a better reward for all stakeholders, particularly residents. Enhancing the dining experience doesn’t always […]

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Where do you cook their greens?

I love my leafy greens, and often have them 3 meals a day. Regular travel to Russia and China would have my colleagues hunting up restaurants renowned for piles of leafy vegies. I also loved buying fresh herbs, divine sweet juicy tomatoes and incredible crunchy Lebanese cucumbers from Russian Babushkas on the street who sold the fresh produce grown on their tiny Dacha plot for a few […]

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Sensory Garden for Noosa Care Dementia Wing

A visit to Noosa Care’s Carramar dementia wing sensory garden highlights the possibilities that can be achieved to provide a feeling of home for residents and sense of relief for family. Divided into 4 settings of Beach, River, Rainforest and Rural Setting, residents and family can freely stroll and spend time outdoors in gorgeous natural settings. The Rural Setting includes chooks, mens shed and edible garden. The […]

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Will they crow when you bark?

What do residents, families, staff, suppliers say about you?  Do they share your vision? Do they boast about the quality of your meals service? I recently visited a facility with a good reputation, and according to the residents, offered better meals than other aged care facilities in the area. Still, I felt tension and unease when talking with the staff and residents about meal services.  Thoughts were […]

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How a 50c saving per lunch cost $167,900 more per year

50c saving per lunch cost additional $167,900 per year

Whoops – Good intention but …  A provider switched to another external cook chill provider without testing the market.  Dissatisfaction with the current provider was not supported by formal documentation of shortcomings and complaints.  There was anecdotal evidence of problems but no shared understanding of the value stream or how the provider and supplier could address problems. One reason given for switching suppliers was that the lunch per […]

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Overcooked food at nursing home

Hard to Swallow

There has been an increasing focus on the dining experience and offering a hotel-style service to residents in aged care homes.  Many providers have emphasised their fresh quality menu. Others have brought in a Chef, new equipment, new crockery, changed dining room layout, etc. While these strategies are good in their own right, until the whole value stream of the meal service is examined and each part […]

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The School Canteen

How will you handle public criticism documented on social sites by those you have no control over? Back in 2012, 9 year old Martha Payne blogged about her school canteen lunches and took photos of less than adequate meals. Her council responded by directing the school to request she stop taking photos of school lunches. The community were outraged and bombarded the council website with negative comments, […]

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Karen Martini Aurrum Food Ambassador

Aurrum’s Food Ambassador

With an innovative food culture including a Food Ambassador and alliance with Planetree, Aurrum is leading the way in improving the resident experience. “Karen Martini is amongst Australia’s leading chefs and we believe that she will assist in helping us select nutritious and tasty meal highlights from her own recipe range for our residents, which will be available in addition to our high quality base menu,” said […]

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Sensory Towels

BUPA in Victoria won accolades for introducing sensory towels for their dementia residents to freshen up before lunch and stimulate their appetite.  The warm face washers infused with Citrus sinensis essential oil are heated in the microwave.  They are proving an inexpensive, simple and effective initiative that is resulting in residents eating more with recorded weight gain, more independent eating,  and a positive interaction between residents and staff.  The […]

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