10 Steps on the Sustainable Quality Aged Care Provider Pathway

Sustainable Quality Aged Care

  1. Document a statement of future vision as a quality service provider in an increasingly competitive and complex environment.
  2. Define service quality outcomes in specific, measurable and timely terms and introduce a service quality improvement program to meet those outcomes.
  3. Implement regular, timely and accurate reporting of quality performance against the definition based on a rigorous instrument using client evaluation and trend reporting against performance improvement targets.
  4. Develop flexibility in expenditure, beyond a traditional siloed approach, to respond to changing client’s needs and build capacity to invest in priority outcomes.
  5. Confirm the rigor of the current revenue model including capacity to withstand loss of income, the need to fund redundancies and risk of insolvency with resultant risk to individual Board members.
  6. Identify the future demand for you service type in your service area for the next 3 – 5 years.
  7. Identify existing and future competition for your current client base and your current funding based on a realistic view of the changing market to determine your sustainability on quality and cost criteria.
  8. Document a Stakeholder Management Plan including Clients and Commonwealth, State and Local Government as major funders and planning units.
  9. Learn from the prospectus and ongoing financial reports of listed ASX aged care providers to shift traditional mindsets to the competitive landscape, contemporary approaches to aged care service and sustainability.
  10. Confirm what benefits other providers/suppliers can offer in a collaborative approach, including partnerships, mergers and shared services and what benefits can be offered to other providers/suppliers in a more collaborative approach to leverage competitive advantage.

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