5 ways you can immediately improve the dining experience

These simple tips require no capital expenditure or additional labour

  1.  Gemba Walk. By managers regularly walking through the dining rooms during meal times, residents feel they can express their view in a casual, non-threatening way, reducing bottled up frustration and increasing their satisfaction. By being in “the real place”, managers spot improvement opportunities firsthand.
  2. Mindfulness of staff.  Meal time is an experience for residents, not just a process. Look with fresh eyes. Consider what would enhance the dining setting.
  3. Pace the meal.  Serve items to residents when they are ready to receive them. eg. ice cream served when residents complete their main course.

4.  Chef/cook provide staff (and residents) with regular updates/news on menu items, specific ingredients, health benefits, meal choice, aged care nutrition, etc for conversation with residents.

5.  Regular refresher training for staff in hotel services and equipment use.  Novel and fun ways staff are reminded how to set up, serve, clear, converse. Specific hospitality policies, procedures and guidelines should reinforce organisational culture.

Plus 2:

6.  Scrape plates away from the dining tables and with plastic/rubber scrapers. The noise is not conducive to a dining room, and disturbs residents, particularly those with dementia.

7.  Seating - Offer residents the option of sitting where they want including 1-2 freely allocated tables if assigned to a regular seat.

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