Karen Martini Aurrum Food Ambassador

Aurrum’s Food Ambassador

With an innovative food culture including a Food Ambassador and alliance with Planetree, Aurrum is leading the way in improving the resident experience. “Karen Martini is amongst Australia’s leading chefs and we believe that she will assist in helping us select nutritious and tasty meal highlights from her own recipe range for our residents, which will be available in addition to our high quality base menu,” said […]

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Sensory Towels

BUPA in Victoria won accolades for introducing sensory towels for their dementia residents to freshen up before lunch and stimulate their appetite.  The warm face washers infused with Citrus sinensis essential oil are heated in the microwave.  They are proving an inexpensive, simple and effective initiative that is resulting in residents eating more with recorded weight gain, more independent eating,  and a positive interaction between residents and staff.  The […]

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Profits Up Care Down

Profits Up, Care Down?

A recent story in The Age reflected how profits are soaring for aged care home providers. Meanwhile the number of care hours per fortnight fell 7% to 39.8 hours, only 62% of the minimum hours of nursing care mandated in the USA.Some operators contend they are providing better amenities and are becoming more efficient, thereby doing more with less.Both perspectives will be judged by the customer’s worldview. […]

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Delivering nutritious meals

What’s their Nutritional Quotient?

“Every person with dementia will have difficulty with nutrition at some point,” Alzheimer’s Australia NSW CEO John Watkins recently  said. Alzheimers Australia released a discussion paper in November 2015 highlighting the importance of good  nutrition for people with dementia living at home. While nutritional analysis and provision of a nutritional menu is controlled in nursing homes, the elderly in the community rely on their own ability and […]

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Annie's dining experience

What Annie Secretly Thought

“Its cold this morning and I would love to laze in bed another half hour, but I have the Carer (haven’t seen her before) saying I have to have a shower before breakfast at 8 o’clock. She is running behind time. I need help showering as I cant stand on my own two feet – ha ha. It has taken me a while to come to grips […]

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Sustainable Quality Aged Care

10 Steps on the Sustainable Quality Aged Care Provider Pathway

Document a statement of future vision as a quality service provider in an increasingly competitive and complex environment. Define service quality outcomes in specific, measurable and timely terms and introduce a service quality improvement program to meet those outcomes. Implement regular, timely and accurate reporting of quality performance against the definition based on a rigorous instrument using client evaluation and trend reporting against performance improvement targets. Develop […]

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Our obligation to disrupt interruptions

Do we have an Obligation to Disrupt?

The constant and chronical condition of disruption afflicts every part of our existence. But even more pervasive are the annoying little interruptions every day: Email, social media, instant messages, diary meetings. In this TedX talk by George Bej, find out the biggest daily interrupter and the No 1 response in the world. Try George’s alternative responses to disrupt the interruptions. Find out why George believes we have […]

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Consumer directed and person centred aged care

Aged Care – No Guarantees in Change, Scale or History

The Australian Aged Care sector is undergoing significant change with variations in government policy, new market entrants and more informed consumers. The only guarantee is ongoing client choice with increased knowledge of increasing options. Three lessons are clear as risk and opportunity become transparent in the competitive environment: Change doesn’t guarantee better outcomes. Abundant research confirms change fails on more occasions than it succeeds. Poor strategy, poor […]

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