Innovative Solutions

Got a Robot Coupe stick blender?  This short video will remind you how to clean and sanitise it.

Interesting video from QUT Marek Kowalkiewicz Professor and QUT Chair in Digital Economy talking about Govt 5.0 – also think of Industry 5.0.

Do you have limited space, equipment and/or time in the kitchen? Bryopin cooked meat specialists offer ready to heat and serve meats such as osso bucco, beef cheeks, lamb shanks, pork hocks, braised beef, lamb, pork.  Distributed through major supply channels.

Waste – something we don’t usually talk about or think about.  It costs us money, takes up room and uses valuable staff time.  Fresh Start Australia are offering aged care providers a free waste audit.

Mashblox – could this innovative self-feeding tactile container be the next big thing in assistive dinnerware? Watch this space!

Would you like to join a growing corporate revolution of swapping, sharing, selling and sourcing?  Spare Harvest are a leading community connector and enabler thriving on sustainable living by sharing fresh produce and gear.  Now available for your workplace.

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