Innovative Solutions we have Spotted

Eggs pasteurised in their shell – yes, I have been talking about this since last August.  Officially launched last month, pasteurised shell eggs are now readily available through your food distributor.  These eggs are non-hazardous when they enter your premises.  You do not need to overcook them – or cook them at all, and you do not need to temperature probe them.  Now your residents can have their eggs as soft as they wish.  You no longer have to “murder” them.  Don’t forget safe food handling practices though.

Evereo “hot fridge” makes it possible to continually have available a range of hot, safe, nutritious meals and components 24/7.  Ideal for grazers, meals at all hours and increased menu items. With 30-40% food waste observed at facilities, here is one way to maximise your food budget and increase consumption of hot, nutritious food.  I would love to see the Evereo in the staffroom too where staff can buy a hot nutritious meal day and night.

Resort style food presentation – Top Shelf Concepts have created a range of solutions to jazz up the way you present food and drink to your residents in aged care.  Surprise and delight your residents now and then or invest in high quality, durable and functional pieces.  Differentiate your brand and meet the increasingly discerning clientele making a decision of where to move to.

Y Waste?  Well, why not be innovative in aged care with your leftover meals?  Here is a platform where you can advertise some meals to your local community for them to join you in the dining room.  Generate revenue, reduce waste, support your community, bring visitors in, crate new friendships, increase your innovative mindset.

YourLink Involve – Do you struggle to keep up to date with and manage your software solutions and devices for residents and staff?  Help is at hand.  Increase your service offering and professionally deliver digital solutions without the headaches!

Your own onsite farm – Mini Farm Projects are popping up around Brisbane, growing food for those in need.  This socially inclusive food system transforms underutilised spaces into productive permaculture gardens.  Do you have room at your aged care facility?  Share home grown food between your facility kitchen and your local community.

Native bee honey – Not all honey is the same, not all bees are the same, and not all bee boxes are the same either!  How about some cute little native stingless bees to pollinate your food crops and produce delicious honey.  A great conversation starter and new friends for your residents.  Let your residents adopt a native bee today.

Quick Safety electrical checks – it is your responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances are regularly tested for safety.  A headache to manage – until now!  Here is a simple way to proactively manage this compliance issue for onsite facility and retirement living appliances.  A solution for your electrical contractors, maintenance department and management system. Your accreditation auditor will be very impressed!

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