Innovative Solutions

Do your staff, residents and community love a good coffee?  Check out the latest in state of the art super automatic machines providing both the fully automatic convenience for 24 hour barista-quality coffee along with the ability to still have your Café staff steam your milk with a wand if desired.  Option for payWave or drinker ID scan.

For many suffering from limited mobility, turning over in bed can be difficult and often painful. Neeki has developed a fitted Wonder Sheet.  Aids manual assistance and lifting equipment. Increases independence and quality of life, reduces staff labour.

Nutritional Professionals Australia (NPA) have developed a set of reasonably priced resources and information for aged care homes and Dietitians.  This includes online presentations, information on meal plans and IDDSI.

Increasing the number of smart devices in your Facility?  Empower and enable your teams to increase and support the digital inclusion for aged care residents, family and staff with YourLink.

Want to grow your own food?  Check out Modular Farms who can set you up with an indoor vertical farming system.  Transform underutilised spaces into productive urban farms that contribute to environmental sustainability and enhance social well-being with a mini farm project.

Utilise smart equipment like the FlexiChef to delicately pressure cook meat to delicious tenderness with reduced cooking times and less energy.  Gentle preparation naturally retains vitamins, nutrients and trace elements.  Use for steaming, cooking, simmering, braising and frying/grilling.

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