Profits Up, Care Down?

A recent story in The Age reflected how profits are soaring for aged care home providers. Meanwhile the number of care hours per fortnight fell 7% to 39.8 hours, only 62% of the minimum hours of nursing care mandated in the USA.

Some operators contend they are providing better amenities and are becoming more efficient, thereby doing more with less.

Both perspectives will be judged by the customer's worldview. Does your message speak to your own rational worldview, or to the customer’s heart?

We are noticing an increasing number of comparison sites where members of the public and staff can post their views and rank a facility on the comparison website and/or Facebook page.

With a focus on the dining experience as a differentiater and competitive edge, it is essential now more than ever that operators shore up their value stream from supplier to the dining room. As well as nutritious food and a quality dining experience, facility managers are encouraged to take a holistic view of the catering service that includes introducing innovation, reducing waste, managing risk and optimising constraints.

The challenge for most facilities isn’t to just display the flashest meal on the menu once a quarter. It’s to be consistent in delivering hot, tasty meals by well trained caring and courteous staff who live and breathe the hospitality culture of the organisation.

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