Q: Are meals considered part of “care” in your residential aged care facility?

Does Catering and hospitality compete with care?I was really disappointed yesterday to speak to a Facility Hospitality Manager who said her management considered meal improvement laughable, as anything not care did not matter.

How are you incorporating the essence of the meal service and dining experience into the culture of your organisation, right up to Board level?

Are you having/seeing similar issues?  Is management letting catering and hotel services fall between the cracks, being dwarfed by care and compliance? Why the disconnect between care and hospitality?

Reflecting on our client costings, catering is only around 8% of the total budget. There is financial pressure on Facility Managers to manage their cost.  Hospitality may not be top of mind, top priority nor the top skill set.

Facility Managers must also meet regulatory requirements, ensure continuing compliance and accreditation, maintain resident satisfaction, minimise the chance of media coverage and manage diverse staff.

No matter the other priorities, meal services and the dining experience are becoming an increasingly important differentiator in the competitive environment of residential aged care.

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