She really is capable, you know

My 54 yo sister just moved into aged care after being accidentally hit by a car. She was already wheelchair bound with an MS like condition. No longer can Mum manage – becoming a carer at 83.

First impressions for my sis were the keenness of staff to do everything for her. Cut her food, put a clothing protector on her, push her around in the wheelchair, speak to her as if she was a partially deaf child. She has been gracious in reminding them that she can manage, thanks.

The food has been consistently OK.  Basic comfort food the residents like. Too much, according to my sister, who is active and gets out and about. She feels there is a lot to eat during the day and can see why small eaters would feel overwhelmed, as she has experienced herself. She therefore sees a lot of waste.

Interestingly, she is described as a “young person” in care, while those over 65 are described as elderly.  Is it time to move the goalpost of who is considered old, elderly and frail? Especially the over 65s in care have the dubious additional title of being “vulnerable”, allowing authorities to severely limit their choice of food and drink, risk and decision making.

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