What Annie Secretly Thought

Annie's dining experience“Its cold this morning and I would love to laze in bed another half hour, but I have the Carer (haven’t seen her before) saying I have to have a shower before breakfast at 8 o’clock. She is running behind time. I need help showering as I cant stand on my own two feet – ha ha.

It has taken me a while to come to grips with living here. I broke my hip while gardening. I love gardening! I pick fresh herbs and vegies every day – organic of course – and I enjoy my beautiful fresh greens with every meal. Hah! Haven’t seen a leafy green since I have been here. How can I recover and get back home? Instead, I am stuck in this wheelchair, and my doctor said that I probably wont ever get back home. We will see about that!

Cornflakes again! I know I said I like cornflakes when I arrived 4 months ago, but I don’t really want it every single day (especially when it is soggy). Cyril’s weetbix is looking good. Except they put hot milk on it and I hate hot milk.

It is quite a feast at breakfast – juice, porridge, prunes, cereal, yoghurt, hard poached eggs, toast, tea – phew! I haven’t ever had such a spread before. I am feeling overwhelmed, and rushed for time, as the girls need to clear the tables before they run off to do some other jobs.

This morning I am dreaming of hot buttered toast laden with raspberry jam. Haven’t had that since I came in. Don’t get me wrong, I am given toast every day, but it is cold, chewy and a bit soggy underneath. I have asked to make my own toast when I am ready for it, but I am not allowed, in case I electrocute myself. No raspberry jam either, and I cant bring in my daughter’s home made jam, as it is not from an approved supplier, whatever that means.

I do love poached eggs – soft and gooey with the yolk oozing over toast. Haven’t seen that yet, probably because I see the eggs coming up from the kitchen the same time I am arriving for breakfast, and by the time I eat my way through porridge, cereal, fruit and yoghurt, the eggs are rubbery, luke warm and yuck.

Damn it! I am having trouble with my arm. I am not going to tell them, in case they put me on soft food, or cut up everything like I am a baby. It has been a problem since my fall. It might come good.

You know what I am really missing? Sitting out in the sun with my cuppa. It was chilly this morning, but I can see the sun up and I would love to be sitting in my little sheltered sunny spot eating my breakfast. Not likely here. Instead, I am with a bunch of old people, spilling their food and choking. Puts me off eating, quite frankly. I know staff look at me as if I am one of them – I can see it in their eyes, and their condescending voice how they speak to me.

I am not a whinger and I don’t dare say anything, but I don’t like the meals here. Its all the same old food – different names of course, but it all looks and tastes the same. Overdone, cold, shrivelled up, bloody awful, excuse my French. The staff are trying (very trying at times). They are always so busy and I know I shouldn’t complain ……..

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.”

Will you be like Annie when you reflect on your morning in the nursing home? How are you hindering Annie from having a fulfilling and comforting time, even though it is promised on your website and in your mission statement?

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