What we do

We work with aged care leaders to improve meal quality and the dining experience in residential aged care by refining processes and managing costs.

Our methodology explores functional processes along the meal value stream. Without addressing end-to-end processes, the resident will not have a positive experience, staff will be frustrated and the organisation is less likely to meet its goals.

Clients come to us wanting change.  Before we recommend a solution, we explore the value stream of the complete meal service to understand the WHAT and WHY. Only then is it possible to discover solutions including WHO and HOW.

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."   - Harriet van Horne

12 Areas we may explore during your Project

Strategy - clarity, meeting vision, future-proofing

The Dining Experience - how to get it right any time any place

Texture Modified Meals - nutritious, delicious looking and tasting food that is worth eating

Menus - on trend, variety, desirability

Equipment – capacity and utilisation

Workforce - planning, turnover, absenteeism, qualifications, compliance, progression

Training - hospitality, front of house, customer experience (CX). In situ, workshops, partner certification

Policies & Procedures – gap analysis, unwritten policies, guidelines for staff, residents, family

Roles & Responsibilities – all touchpoints

Payroll - base roster, variance analysis

Business Intelligence - Analysis and measurement

Technology & Innovation – vision and a workable plan

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