Will IDDSI make it Better for your Residents?

The Queensland Chapter of The Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare held an informative session on introducing the IDDSI framework into healthcare and aged care.  New modified food and fluid terminology as developed by IDDSI is coming into effect in Australia on 1 May 2019.

The framework will impact your menu, recipes, meal production, staff training, processes, documentation, software, supplier agreements, testing methods, compliance recording, internal audits, quality outcomes.

Dining Experience Specialists works with aged care providers to codesign solutions to ensure consistent quality meals from supplier to consumption.  They highlighted to the audience the importance of ensuring a quality meal to the resident at the time they are ready to take their first bite. Overcooked food, inconsistent texture modification, extensive hot holding duration can impact on the look, smell and taste of the meal reducing the likelihood of consumption.

When spending time onsite reviewing the meals, all too often texture modified components are served that are too firm, dried out, crusty, with a greyish hue.  Apart from being unpalatable, they would not meet the specified texture for the particular resident. And this is the crucial point that matters – that the food is of the right consistency when the resident is ready to eat it, not when it is made in the kitchen.

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